June 19, 2008

Remembering Cyd Charisse

Cyd Charisse (1921-2008) would have to be one of my favorite old time movie actresses. She was so talented- a true triple threat. Although I loved her number in Harvey Girls, she was best known for her dance with Gene Kelly in ,what else, Singin' In the Rain. She was so beautiful and graceful with extraordinarily long legs. It was said that in the height of her career her legs were insured for $1 million!

Both Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire both loved dancing with her. My favorite dance with Gene was the one in Brigadoon called "Heather on the Hill". "Waiting for my Dearie" was another dance from Brigadoon that I really enjoyed of her.

Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse Brigadoon

And even though the movie Band Wagon is not one of my favorites for her, she said that the dance with Fred Astaire was her favorite. So in honor of her, here is that dance for you to enjoy.
Enjoy these other movies with Cyd in it:
It's Always Fair Weather
Band Wagon
Singin' in the Rain
The Harvey Girls
Silk Stokings

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you are using one of my favorite quotes!

I love Cyd Charisse.
My favorite scene is the gangster/Dali number in Singing in the Rain.
I once met one of her dance teachers at the Murrietta Hot Springs Spa. You were with me and was just a little peanut. (She thought you were a cutie)

Her singing was dubbed, though.

She really looked great for her age!
Hope TCM will run some of her movies and a biography.

Debbie Reynolds, hang in there!