June 14, 2008

Summer Time!

Well, once again the ladies and I got together and it was, as usual, so much fun! Reese is always trying to grab Blake (Breanne's baby) to try to hug him, tackle him, or squeeze his face.. we're not really sure yet and Connor is just a little cutie pie! The pool is nice and warm so it's perfect for our little ones.

Another little surprise... Reese's SECOND tooth! can you believe it? she has such an adorable smile now however, since the teeth she can't really sleep through the night anymore. She is waking up and crying!! how sad.. it sound like her teeth are just so sore! During the day she seems OK and comfortable but, as soon as night rolls around she starts to notice them more. Poor little one. You can kind of see her teeth in this picture:  (it might not be big enough..)

This next week is going to be fun! Maybe Reese's first Padre game? We'll see! 


Happy Father's Day Dad, yes you Joe Lenz... and of course the big Daddy.. my Kurty!!! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I must have this picture!
It must go on display downstairs for all to see.
Little Reese is my Peach!!
Kiss her for Orion and I.
Love from grammy.