July 9, 2008

The Story

It started one unassuming afternoon. I was finishing my normal chores over at my parent's house. Since they have been gone on their trip I have been feeding the cats, watering plants, up keeping the pool, and feeding the chickens.
As I approached the chicken coop I could see the chickens running towards the gate, eager for their feed. Squeezing in quickly to avoid the chickens escaping, I proceeded towards the two trash cans filled with their food. On the left, their 'treats' and on the right, their food.
I opened the can on the right and lifted the garbage bag, to grab the last bit of food. As the bag was lifted, food started to spill out from a three little holes on the bottom corner. Very peculiar, but thought nothing more of it.
Pouring the feed into their trough, out of the corner of my eye, the left trash can started to shake. Taken by surprise, my little jerky jump startled the chickens. I stared at the can for a while, not a single movement, I figured I must have bumped the can by mistake.
Putting the trash bag back into the can, I jumped in startlement to see the left can shaking, only this time I was certain it was on its own! The possiblity of animals started racing through my head,

"Quick, count the chickens, ok... 1,2,3,4,5,......9, ok they're all there... oh my gosh what if its a snake? a bird? a lizard? no too small......"

I decided to grab the large shovel propped up against the tree standing next to me. I slowly inched towards the can, shovel outstretched, trying to coax the lid off of the possessed can. I quickly lifted the lid, ran away, and looked back.
nothing. nothing came out, and the can was still.
How weird? Maybe the animal doesn't realize that the lid is open.

"I'm completely pushing my luck, I should just go, walk away, and the animal will realize sometime and leave."

"No! I have to see for myself the animal leave..I'm not going through this again."

Convincing myself that it would be better to make sure all animals are out of the trash can, I crept towards the can once again. Taking the same stance I had earlier, I whole-heartedly flipped the whole lid off the trash can. Adrenaline rushing, I quickly realized that I was way too close and ran opposite the can.
Still nothing.

"This is so ridiculous. I probably imagined the whole thing. I'm so dumb"

I threw the shovel down, laughing at myself. The chickens must think I'm crazy. Why do we always freak over the silliest things? It's like convincing you heard a sound when you're home alone. Silly.
I bent down to pick up the flipped lid, still laughing, and continued to close the can. I was inches from finishing the deed, feeling relieved, when a crazed wild SQUIRREL flew out of the can, hovered in seemingly slow motion at least three feet over my head, fell slowly, effortlessly landed by my feet, paused, and scurried away.
Screaming like I just witnessed a murder, I darted out of the chicken coop, across the lawn, and towards safety.
My heart still racing, I sighed with relief as I took the baby back in my hands, and Kurt looked at me like I was crazy.
All is now right and normal in the world. Thank Goodness!

I only hope that the squirrel is taking a dirt nap...if you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

better a squirrel then the evil rat that lutks in the orange tree. i told dad to get new containers, but nooooo.
Glad you survived the horror!

Anonymous said...

Orion says:
So now Shash, what is more frightening, the squirrel or "Big Boys" evil eye.

Mom says:
where is kurty during all this?

Alex Griffiths said...

kurty is sitting on his great big behind......watching the boo...

the squirrel is much worse

ELA said...

That is way too funny! I would have done the same thing. Scream and run for my life.

It was good seeing you on Saturday! Maybe in New York?