August 31, 2008

One Look?! One LOOK?!!

 So, as you might know Zoolander is one of my all time favorite movies. It's just so hilarious with so many good lines. So, what do you do when I mention MAGNUM?

Everyone has a "Magnum"  look (or for those who are true zoolanders - le tigre or blue steel) in a picture somewhere. I went through my pictures and found a few myself, and here they are: 

The Best Magnum: (It's SO BEAUTIFUL)

  Now they are ridiculously good looking. 

Now don't go out and purposefully take a Zoolander picture - that's not good looking. It has to be spontaneous and goofy... so if you have some already on hand , I'd love to add them to this blog! I think they are so funny. 



Anonymous said...

Don't suppose every one can pull off a Magnum!!
It's extrordinary and rare, and usually only runs in families (Uncle G, Reesie, Orion, etc...)

Be wary of cheap imitations!
They ruin the "One Look" good name.

Claudia said...

I agree, Reese's Magnum is the best! So cute and natural! Man, she's growing fast. :)