August 5, 2008

There goes July....

I have been a little loopy on my posts. I keep meaning to update everyone on what has been going on, and I just continue to lollygag (as my dad would put it).  
   July was a busy month. My parents came back from their huge Asian/European trip and brought back lots of little goodies for Reese (and Kurt and I, of course). Which is really nice because we're a 'one of a kind' family. We like to have things that no one else has- not necessarily more expensive (because we can't afford it)- but more unique things. It's great. I guess it just adds a little world spice in the normal run-of-the-mill baby stuff here at home.     
  Next were the cousins. My uncle lives in San Francisco with his family (yes he is married to a WOMAN.. for all you weirdo people who think everyone is gay in SF). So it's always really great when they come down and visit. Anyway, on the 23rd we had a little get together/pool party/birthday party for my uncle and cousin. It was nuts!

The birthday people

I can't believe how time goes by so quickly! My littlest cousin was so adorable! She loves babies apparently, because she came up to Reese and always wanted to cuddle and kiss her. It was SO cute. Reese always tends to be a little rough with other babies, so it was funny to see it the other way around and the way she reacted to it. Overall, it was just really great seeing everyone again. 

My uncle and my little cousin

    Guess what?! Reese has four teeth now! It's really amazing.... but, its not your normal two front teeth, either her little carnivores (i don't know the real name, this is just what my mom used to use) or the ones right next to her two front teeth are the ones coming in. Its crazy!  She's still super adorable, of course, and is probably going to start walking any second. Right now she's banging on a big metal bowl with a metal spoon, it's really loud, but I think it will wake up Kurt so it's ok... hehehe 
  What else.. I'm really starting up my photography so if anyone wants some pictures done, I would be more than happy to take them. I'm not charging  for anything right now, only if you want prints done, then you have to buy those, obviously. I'm going to be in the Art show the Vista stake is putting on, and I think thats October 25th. But I'll put more info on that later. I've updated both my sites so take a look! 
  I think thats about it. As for Kurt, he's working 6 days a week, and it sucks. He's always so exhausted when he gets home, I can't wait until the summer is over! If anyone wants to do anything call us up!

OH! I almost forgot... Orion and I are making movies. Our latest one, O-man and the El Dorado Egg, was the funniest movie we have ever made or seen. Everyone who's seen it - LOVES it. We're going to start a website to see trailers of our movies. We have premiers when a new release comes out, so get ready for the next one coming up, and I'll post the premier Red Carpet date on here! 

amanda - if you're reading this, i don't have your phone number or a way to get a hold of you (facebook girlie!!) so please call me so we can set up a date to take some pix! 


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I'll be in Vista tomorrow...wanna hang out?

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yes yes yes!

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