September 24, 2008

10 Best and Worst Smells

Top Ten Best Smells:

10. Kurt showered and cologned
9. Fresh roses 
8. Sweet cigars
7. Bonfire
6. Hawaii
5. Early dewy mornings
4. Fresh cut grass
3. Christmas season 
2. Rain on hot asphalt
1. Baby's skin

Top Ten Worst Smells:

10. Daffodils
9. Rubber burn-outs
8. Kurt after work
7. Swiss Cheese
6. European Underground
5. Edamame
4. Cigarette smoke
3. Tuna from the can
2. Old folk's homes
1. Old lady perfume (anything by Elizabeth Taylor and others like it)

Bonus Smells:
These are the smells that I LOVED during my pregnancy and immediately afterwards:
  • Beer or any malted alcoholic beverage 
  • Tomatoes
  • Reese's breath. ( i know that's weird.. but i still like the smell of it....??!! i'm crazy, i know)

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