October 10, 2008

Random Thought

Does the hard candy shell on an M&M have a flavor?

I'm trying to figure it out and I think I want there to be a flavor so bad that my tastebuds have convinced my mind that there is or the other way around I'm not sure. 

Does anyone know for sure? Expert answers people...


Mrs.EBG said...

So I was at the store today and they were sampling new M&M's that had a raspberry flavored candy shell... so I think they are starting to come out with some with flavors.

Jen R. said...

That reminds me of the Wedding Planner. He says he only eats the brown ones because they have less artificial coloring since chocolate is already brown.

Anonymous said...

I have always contended that the "light" brown ones had a subtle caramel taste. This theory took off and soon there was a small yet powerful consortium bent on proving this to be true. Officials at the M&M caught wind and almost overnight eliminated every light brown M&M in existance and replaced them with(ugh) blue! You young folk probably have never even SEEN an "LB".
Why the mysteries circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the innocent LB.
We may never know.