January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged on facebook to fill out 25 random thoughts, things, goals about me - since facebook is giving me a hard time I decided to paste it on here.

1. I have no idea how the heck i'm going to handle two babies.
2. I love sports- playing them especially ( 2 varsity letters should prove that...) and I miss it terribly
3. I wish I would have not gone to BYU but a design school somewhere exciting - in a big city maybe
4. I love to sing in the shower- but I frustrate myself because I end up forgetting the words to the song I'm singing.
5. I love cooking a big fancy dinner.
6. Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth - when it's not busy.
7. I have always wanted to run a red light late at night with no one around but I always convince myself not to - and then convince myself to run it- and by that time it turns green. 
8. Nothing is better than Reese doing something cute. 
9. I love camping in the woods. Rain just adds to the excitement and makes everything smell so great.
10. I love taking pictures of nature. If I could have a gallery one day- I would be so thrilled.
11. I tend to think of funny things and laugh at the wrong moment. 
12. I can be super furious with Kurt, but if he starts smiling at me, I can't help but to smile back.
13. I do not like being pregnant - but I love my babies!
14. Nothing is better than making people crack up - especially my mom. 
15. I am a full believer in Karma and balancing your Chi
16. I have a weakness for Starbucks Coffee. 
17. I love when Kurt tries to make a high pitched sound... it's not very high, but it's as high as he can go and it's HILARIOUS to watch and listen.
18. All of my closest trusted friends have always been guys. Girls gossip too much and are too fickle and dramatic for me. 
19. I went to an etiquette class while doing a modeling thing for some department store when I was younger.
20. I knew I would always marry someone from California - I just didn't realize he would be from the same town.
21. I can quote Zoolander verbatim
22. I wish I could speak French, Italian, and German
23. I couldn't sew anything. I couldn't attach a button to a shirt and keep it on - but for some reason it all clicked together about a month ago.
24. I love hot thick fudgey brownies and a tall glass of cool whole milk.
25. I read the last few Twilight books in 10 hours or less.  

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