February 6, 2009

Modest is Hottest...

I have always been fascinated on how different cultures interpret modesty and appropriateness in dress. The infamous Italian Speedo, the muumuu, the bikini, the too modest.. The lists are endless - and very debatable. 
  I wonder, is it really the amount of fabric used to cover the bodies or is it the bodies themselves that need to be more modest?

Example #1:

  • Alright.. Take a look at #1 and compare it to the hottie #2
  • Obviously, I would much rather be looking at one than the other - however, there is no difference in the amount of coverage. Is one less modest?
  • Now, the more 'modest' Speedo below, #3. Much better. But does that little bit of fabric make that much of a difference? If #2 hottie was wearing #3's Speedo... would we still be OK with that?? Or does #2's body need more modest clothing?
Example #2

  • The muumuu is a bad example. Not a single person looks good in a muumuu. 
  • No matter how technically modest it is. NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE ONE
  • except if you're Angelina Jolie, pregnant, and it is made by a famous designer.
Example #3

  • Now here are examples of women in a black bikini - all with different bodies. 
  • Is #1 body too fit for a bikini? Is #2 to big for a bikini? Is #3 just fine? (we have goldilocks going on here...)
  • This brings me back to my original question: is it the body or the fabric that makes things modest?
  • Personally, even though #1 is an Olympic athlete.. she kind of creeps me out in a bikini. #2 scares me too.
Does extra fabric help these ladies?


  • I think YES to all three. Except #1 now looks like a guy.. not good.. but more modest..
Example #4

  • My final comparison of modesty : Body VS Fabric
  • Modestly speaking, #1 and #2 are the most appropriate
  • In my opinion #1 is out of control and looks ridiculous. 
  • #2 is perfect.. in fact.. I wish I had the extra money to go get that outfit from GAP.. (maybe after the baby)
  • #3, even though wearing a knee length skirt, is sporting a tank top. However, being slim and fit - did you really notice that she was being immodest or was it merely a cute outfit?
  • #4 is wearing a similar tank top - but appears to be exposing more on top. (boobs stink sometimes) and I feel that a little more coverage (and support) may be more suitably modest.
In conclusion, I feel that any extra fabric helps to maintain modesty - but true modesty must start from our bodies. The more fit we are - the better our clothes will look. Personally, I feel extra motivated to get fit and healthy again, mainly because I'm getting bigger by the week (prego) and because it's just the healthy thing to do. 

In saying all of this, modesty does not only pertain to our clothes. What it really comes down to is what is in the inside, modesty in our personality. Some might disagree, but a woman who is confident, spiritual, smart, and humble - no matter what size- are truly great and admirable. Having known a few, I can speak from experience. 

“Modesty is the conscience of the body.”


Anonymous said...

In regard to this subject, I always think back to the prom dresses of the 50's. The styles were predominantly sleeveless but because of the innocence of the times, seem so much more modest than the trashy styles of today.

Jen R. said...

Anytime kari and I wear the same bathingsuit or the same top, she always looks a little slutty because of her ginormous tatas. I completely agree that body has a lot to do with it. A triangle bikini on me is no big deal, but on kari all you see is her cleavage.