October 31, 2009

Day Time Halloween!

halloween part 1..
this morning we went to the primary trunk-or-treat, which was Reese's first glimpse into the magical world of candy giving (well, receiving)! The first trunk the man held out a handful of candy and Reese, very politely, grabbed one piece. As the man continued to hold out his hand, much to Reese's delight, she slowly grabbed one more, then another, and another. We noticed that with each piece of candy her smile got bigger and bigger. She was LOVING it! By the end she had her hand out and ready to receive her goodies! I think she was in shock that people were giving her candy.. it was pretty funny to see how excited she was.

sneaking candy while daddy talks....
visiting the harry potter car

standing next to our pumpkins.. her day outfit!

the baby

our haunted forest...

our graveyard..

our spooky tree

So now we've had a little lunch, played in the park, and after a quick wardrobe change, we're off to Jordan Landing for some trick or treat, then to our neighborhood, and finally to a little Halloween get-together with a few of our neighbors!

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