January 21, 2010

Long Live CONANDO!

It's too bad that my favorite comic has been ridiculously swindled out of the Tonight Show.  Conan O'Brien is the one comic that can consistently make me crack up. I never really watched the Tonight Show before Conan, and I used to try and stay awake for Late Night just to watch his show. Now that Leno is returning to the 11:30 time slot (which, he left in May 2009, and now wants it back January 2010), I don't think I'll even bother to try to watch the Tonight Show. Jay is just not that funny to me. And I think it's horrible the way the people on NBC with money and power think they know what they are doing.  I thought it was interesting, on last night's show, Adam Sandler was a guest and he retold a story on how Chris Farley (who is hilarious) and himself got fired from Saturday Night Live (???!!).  What were those people thinking? Anyway.. I love Conan and hope he returns to Late Night very soon...

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