February 5, 2010

Fiesta Dinner

Now that we are all settling in, I am starting to get back into my groove of making dinner. Even though the 'heat in the oven' dinners are very convenient, there is just nothing that beats a home cooked meal from scratch.

So.. last night was my first official fully from scratch home cooked meal.. and, if i dare say so myself, it was DELICIOUS! I decided to go with a mexican theme for last night, Santa Fe Chicken, Lime and Cilantro Rice, and Mojito Spritzers (Virgin of course).

check out the pictures! And I'd love to cook it for anyone and everyone- so call us up, and come on over.

chicken in the crock pot

shredded chicken delicious-ness

cilantro and lime rice... YUM... cafe rio style! 

mojito mix



now i just have to do the dishes....


kari b. said...

give me give me!!!!

michele said...

You may cook that for us.;o)