March 13, 2010

Home and Garden Expo

Overall, i'm REALLY bummed to admit, that we were kind of disappointed. We were really hoping for some local nurseries to be there to talk about their plants and when to plant, best mulch, etc.. but all we really saw were the same 6 exhibits over and over again. Solar, Vinyl, Windows/Doors, A/C-Heating, Professional Landscaping, Garden Boxes, it was great for a HOME expo.. but we were left wondering where were all the GARDENS? 

We are definitely a DIY couple and the expo were for NON-DIY people. I  was also expecting really great landscape exhibits..and they were all kinda blah. dang it.

Well, according to the sign it is UTAH's BEST.... but i think we'll try another one.. or just go visit a nursery ourselves.. + 

a hairstyle that was abundant. i do not understand.

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