October 31, 2010


This year's Halloween {Oct. 30th} was fun and busy! Our first little outing was our ward's annual Trunk-or-Treat. I heard there was going to be a decorated trunk competition- so I did a little something to our car. {when I showed Kurt he laughed at it, but I thought it was pretty cool}. Anyway, we ended up winning the first prize for it! {so there, Kurt!}

my monster car

After an hour at the Trunk-or-Treat, my friend Heather found out that Hogle Zoo was doing a trick or treat there, so we decided to go! There were little booths set up with people handing candy out {and coupons} so it was fun for the kids. And as an added bonus we got to see the animals - Elephants, Gorillas, Giraffes, Monkeys - it was fun! {I swear Everett was with me the whole time.. I just didn't get any pictures of him - he was sleeping mostly}

the baby giraffe

I thought this was so clever! 

Reese & Eric

After the Zoo, we got some lunch and headed home. Unfortunately, it started raining on our drive and continued to rain. I was hoping that the rain would let up so that Reese could go trick or treating {her favorite thing to do}. Luckily, around 6:30 the rain let up, we got ready and we set out for our candy! Reese did a great job, she'd run up to a house, knock on the door, say "trick or treat" when they answered, and then said "thank you" when she got the candy. ALL ON HER OWN!!! About half way through we met up with some of our neighbors {and some of my activity day girls} and Reese just loved it! She loves hanging out with the older girls- and getting free candy. 
Our little monkey {everett } was less interested in the TREAT part, and more in the TRICK aspect of trick-or-treating. Every time someone answered their door, Everett would pause, get the candy, and run in their house. Thankfully Kurt was with us, and in charge of Bobo the wild monkey. 
Here are a few pics from last night:

my pumpkin lollipop holder {in leu of leaving a bowl out}

part of my decorating... 

 When I asked Reese what she wanted to be for Halloween, she said she wanted to be a Tinkerbell fairy. She loves all the Tinkerbell movies, and knows all of her little friends {she always giggles when Terrence, tinkerbell's BF, appears in the movie} I asked her several times in the passing weeks leading up to Halloween, just to make sure. When we went to Target, I showed her the Tinkerbell costume and she said that she didn't want that one. I saw her eyeing the pink one {Rosetta's} and asked if she wanted to be Rosetta for Halloween. She said "yes! yes! I love pink! It's my favorite". So that was that. 

when reese saw these eyelashes she asked me what they were. I said it was to make your eyes pretty. She kept looking at them and I asked her if she wanted it and if she would really wear them. I received a familiar reply, "yes!yes! pink is my favorite!".  To my much delighted surprise, she let me put them on her with NO struggle, in fact, she giggled the whole time in pure delight! she LOVED them! 

Here's pictures of Reese Rosetta! 

Fawn, Rosetta, Banana, Monkey


Jen R. said...

I think these girls were cooked up in the same pot. Adelyn wore fake eyelashes too!!! Oh I love them. The kids looked great!

Anonymous said...

Nana said...
Reese, you are the most beautiful Rosetta. I LOVE your eye lashes!!! It looks like you have a sparkly glitter face. Did Mommy put that on you also? It would have been fun to go trick or treating with you. Everett was the cutest little monkey ever. I wish there were more pics of him. I love you both sooo much.