December 3, 2010

turkey confessions

A bonus for Thanksgiving is definitely the leftovers. However, in our case this year, we were not able to partake in this delicious tradition.

So what did we do?

We bought a turkey of our own, and cooked it. {well, I cooked it}. 

This is not my first year cooking a {thanksgiving} turkey, so instead of worrying what I had to do next, or how to prepare the leftovers, I let my mind wander a little bit. 

So here they are, things that I actually 100% truly thought about while preparing and stripping the turkey {for leftovers}: before you judge, one day, let your mind wander, and i'm pretty sure you'll come up with crazier things... 
  • I noticed that no matter how long i stare at the turkey, the anatomy of this turkey just boggles my mind. I realize that there are the wings, and the legs, but for the life of me,  I just can't picture this thing with feathers on it. How does this thing walk?!! 
  • Who ever thought of catching and eating this thing? Are there more untasted animals out there that are this delicious? Not to be morbid, but has anyone tried kitten? I mean, veal is pretty darn good, and that's calf......just saying.
  • I found these random bones, I'm guessing it was some sort of shoulder blade, anyway, I started to think that if they had a whole turkey in prison, it would be super easy to whittle it into a knife. Do they celebrate holidays in prison? Also, this shoulder blade could be a really great butter knife without doing much to it. 
  • I LOVE the dark turkey meat. OH MY! I flipped the bird upside down and started to strip it for leftovers and found the tenderest, melt in your mouth, dark turkey meat. It was SO good. Like slow roasted pork .. .yum. SOOO good. I have to remember that for next year.... let grandpa have his leg, I'm getting whatever that part of the bird that is {see first bullet point}
  • The wishbone was actually quite difficult to get out. I kept thinking to myself that I better not wish for this bone to get out, then break it, because I totally would have waisted a wish. {craziness. i know} I did however finally convinced the bone to leave the bird and not break. Who ever thought of this? Where did the wishbone thing come from?! I was thinking that it must have started as a cruel joke of an older sibling. As the poor younger brother tried to get this stupid wishbone out because it was 'special', the older brother sat there, ate all the turkey meat, and laughed. 

  • Why do they still have the bag of giblets? Are they trying to remind us that we are, in fact, eating another living thing that once had organs like ours? gross.
  • The neck of this turkey was bent in half, and stored in the cavity of the turkey. I was expecting it to be in the 'giblet bag', so when I reached in to clean the turkey out, I actually screamed, pulled the neck out, and gagged. I had NO idea what I had just pulled out and was freaking out. I did eventually figure it out.. and composed myself. 

{join us next time for confessions of a PB&J.}


Anonymous said...

...classic musings of a tired mother.
I'm wondering what confessions would be shared if you were to cook a pig?!
Btw, i have long known of the secret dark meat tenderings hidden underneath..;o)

Great post, Shash

Jen R. said...

dude is that your turkey? it is beautiful.

Alex Griffiths said...

why yes, yes it is...

OK not really. I wish!