January 26, 2011

the big top

Cotton Candy. Popcorn. Lemonade. Smelly. Fog Machine. The Jordan World Circus. I had my apprehensions, but decided to suck up my scarring fear of clowns and take little kiddies. When I told Reese that we were going to the circus she couldn't stop talking about it. Everyday when we were getting ready to go out for errands she would ask if we were going to the circus. Finally when the night came (last night), she insisted that we get ready an hour early, and eagerly await daddy's return from work so that we could go. 
THEY LOVED IT!!!! Reesie and Bobo were both clapping to the music, giggling, oooh-ing and aaaah-ing, it was a hit! Reese says her favorite part were the animals (elephants and bears) and when the acrobats dressed up as mermaids...but she was loving every minute of it.  Everyone, I'm pretty sure, had a great night last night.  Kurt and I enjoyed it as well, and with getting 3 tickets free, it was a pretty good deal. 

...and as a bonus, there was only ONE clown. 

here are some pictures (i have approx. 190 pictures.. but these are my favorites..):

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