March 18, 2011

golden deliciousness

 My kids must be part mice because the love LOVE LOVE to eat cheese. and crackers. and goldfish. the snack, not the pet.

Reesie was begging for goldfish crackers and since I have {ZERO} motivation to get dressed and go to the store, I went upon searching online for a little recipe.

And guess what?

I found one.

The best part is, is that you can choose  ANY CHEESE. YUM. So I put my own little spin on this delicious recipe {found here}...

cutting them out



waiting {somewhat} patiently

fresh out of the oven...


 caught in the act

 snacking on the dough

 gone in less than 60 seconds... 


Stef said...

Those photos are too cute! Love the one at the oven. Glad you enjoyed the cracker recipe!

Anonymous said...

when I first read
"Golden Deliciousness" I thought you meant the Bobo!
(the crackers look good, too!)

Missy said...

Yummy!! How fun!