May 23, 2011

Baby Sensory Perception {BSP}

My babies are blessed with BSP. It is a rare and subtle gift given only to some. It is the ability that babies have to sense when their mother is sitting still, so that they can strike. This would be a very useful skill for combat.

Let me just illustrate this phenomenon for you.

it's a sunny day, and the kids are occupied
i have a little time to relax
kids playing peacefully
about to sit down
checking again for confirmed peacefulness 
aaaaahhh reeelllaaaxxxx
they sense something. mommy is sitting still {BSP}
they must take advantage 
mommy turns into a human playground 
so much for sitting


Jen R. said...

omg. This is awesome. my kids too. also the SECOND my computer gets out they have to be on me.

Anonymous said...

Make this into a book, seriously!