June 6, 2011


In regards to my last post I have an update.

Tonight I made some baked Macaroni and Cheese (with spinach-yum!).

And we went through our regular Vaudeville routine of "do you like this dinner".

Me:"Do you like it? It's pretty darn good."

Kurt has no response but to scoop up a second helping and give me a funny look.

Me:"please tell me?"

Kurt:"Why do you ask? You'll just get mad if I don't like it."

Me:"I ask because I would like to know if I should make it again."

Kurt:"You have never made the same dinner twice."

Me:"And you're complaining about that?!"

Kurt:"Shashy, I don't care what you make for dinner."

Me:"What?! Why not?!!"

Kurt:"Because, you are a really good cook."

giggles ensued. 

Thank you Kurty. I guess that's all I really wanted to hear. I love you.

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