October 26, 2011

Fall already?

Sorry fOr the lack of posts. Not having a computer w ill certainly put a damper on anything digitally related.

July: wedding. My sisters did some awesome(thorough) posts about our trip. You can read them here http://jjromney.blogspot.com/2011/07/our-seaside-vacation.html and here http://gabriellasletters.blogspot.com/2011/10/our-trip-to-portland.html. And for pix, go here:http://www.wayfarerstudio.com/?p=1879 ( i swear i was actually there)

August: snuck down to SD ro hang out with my mother and the rest of the hooligans (including mickey mouse).

September: Reese started preschool, which she loves, and dance, which she also loves. Everyday she asks what day it is and if we are going somewhere fun. Kurt turned 29.... We went to the fair.

October: impromptu trip to CA... So glad Kurt is coming this time. I'm bringing my camera and doing a post from CA b/c i will be in touch with a real computer.

That's pretty much it.

Everyone stay tuned on November 9th for a big announcement.

If you would like to be called, please email/fb message me your phone #... since we have gotten rid of our cell phones, we dont know anyone's number- except our parents, we have yours memorized. :)

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