February 16, 2012

Our V-Day

{Please be kind while judging my insanity}

Looking back at all my posts about Valentines day.....


OK so I haven't blogged about Valentines day EVER... it seems...... Our track record for V-Day has not been the greatest. And, yes, I do mean "OUR".

The only Valentines I really remember was our first year married. Kurt brought home some nice roses and a card. I remember feeling hurt because I thought he didn't really know me at all- I LOVE tiger/stargazer type lilies and orchids- and don't really care for roses. Plus, there were no reservations or special dinner planned, or any grand romantic gesture.

I think as a young bride, I had it in my head that my husband needed to live up to the grand gestures we see in the movies...


I mean, for goodness sake, all he ever said to her in the beginning was AS YOU WISH!!!!

ahem. (even though i giggle at Titanic...)

So so stupid, I know.

Needless to say, I completely blew Valentines. For the next 5-6 {geez how many years has it been?!!} I always expected him to become said Romantic on Valentines day... but it was never meant to be. And I always ended up disappointed......

THUS this year, I did not expect Kurt to turn into Casanova.

Totally Kurt's {and not "Noah's"} style.

And it was perfectly enjoyable.

Kurt, at first, was getting really uneasy with my calmness, expecting my usual {ugly} valentines breakdown because, he kept second guessing his choice in flowers....

"You hate the flowers"

"I didn't say that at all"

"well, they're not good enough for you"

"I didn't say that at all either. They're perfectly fine. I like them"


two minutes later

"You hate the flowers"

"No, Kurt"

"But you're crying"

"I'm really not"


two minutes later

"But you hate the flowers. I can see you are getting upset. You're crying"

"I'm NOT crying Kurt."


After a few more minutes of this craziness, and him re-reading his really shmoozy romantic card back to me, and after repeated "I love you Shashy".. I did manage to break down and cry. I blame this SOLELY on being pregnant. I just can't control myself. A GIRL CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH.

Anyway, I guess I should just cry first thing Valentines (good or bad) for any reason at all just to keep the tradition alive.


Our Valentines were soooooo messed up. And I blame myself {and Garry Marshall}. DANG IT.

ANYWAY V-Day 2012, 
Long story {somewhat} short,

Kurt gave me a few choices for V-day activities- go out on my own, go out to eat with just him, or go out to eat with everybody. Normally, I would LOATHE having to choose what to do for V-day, but this year, to be honest, I wasn't feeling up to much being to prego and uncomfortable, and I just wanted to keep the normal vday drama to a minimum, so I just told him we could do whatever he wanted, but I do not want to go out with the kids {adorable as they are}.


Our babysitter was AMAZINGLY available last minute to watch the kids. Our Indian restaurant we wanted to go eat did not accept reservations for V-day {or any day}, so we were in luck.

The wait for our table was minimum, our food was so incredibly good, we were without Thing 1 and Thing 2, and there was no prior animosity from V-day presents.

So it put both of us in a really good mood {hopefully our new V-day tradition} with the exception of Kurt's MANIAC DRIVING... but that's completely unrelated to Valentines Day.

To top the night off we had some really great....

Red Mango.

{no, that is not an innuendo}

And all was happy in the world, and I actually had a fantastic Valentines Day Date. Thanks Kurt for being yourself. Next year I promise to get you a more romantic card.. and not a loaf of that chocolate bread you "hate".... but later stuffed in your face.

I love you so much.

{Kurt, I know I'm not that kind of girl, but once in a while it's ok so let other people know how I really feel}

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