February 1, 2012

Pain in the Cannoli

This pregnancy has been *fantastic* {I figure asterisks will imply sarcasm}... I have been in the most pain.....

So I talked to several of my doctors {I have a group of 5 men} and they gave me this:

You have, what is called, Pelvic Girdle Pain. {Wiki it right  ->HERE<- according to wikipedia, i think i have type 2} In essence,  it's when the your pelvic bone starts separating early to compensate for the impending birth, and it hurts, a lot.

So what does that mean for me?

  • Pretty much my whole pelvic bone is hanging on by threads... literally....and it feels like I have broken hips, tailbone, and pelvis.
  • I have to wear a maternity brace
  • If I walk for more than a half hour straight, I cannot walk the rest of the day
  • Ice my back, nightly
  • Take tylenol PM to sleep... {unfortunately, this baby does not like tylenol, so I end up throwing up in the morning}
  • I waddle like a penguin. 
  • I literally cannot pick ANYTHING up from the floor, or anywhere, without paying for it later {so you can imagine the state of our house right now}
  • My hips 'go out' so I look like a drunken penguin waddling and stumbling about.... 
yes, this is me. 

... i think that's the majority of my woes.....

So here's an example:
We all went bowling on Monday {it was Kurt's day off}. I though it would be fine, I wouldn't do any fancy moves, or run up to the lane with a ball, just take it easy. 

We played two games, Everett was throwing a fit, so I picked him us several times, but everything was feeling fine. 

Immediately afterwards I started to get the sharp pain in my lower back/hips/pelvic. As I was walking to the car I could feel the pressure burying down on my pelvic bone, and my walk started turning to my limp/waddle. At lunch I could barely get in and out of the chair without severe pain shooting to my hips.  When we got home I just took it easy and didn't walk much at all.. but having toddlers, you can't stay still for very long. So I got them their snacks, started a show, changed diapers, put them to bed..... all while walking like Frankenstein. 

Usually after a morning with some physical activity, the next day I'm feeling ok. Still a little pain, but OK. But not yesterday OR today. Yes, I am still majorly paying for actually wanting to go out and do something fun/physical.  

dang it. 

I REALLY want this baby to come VERY SOON!!!! 

Other than that, I am feeling quite good. I am a little tired here and there, but that seems to be normal with two wild banshees/spider monkeys living in your house. My hair is getting silky and thick.. I'm really excited about that. And I'm not craving anything to terribly weird. 

I just have a severe sweet tooth. 

...and not like cookies and candy.. but BAKED GOODS.. like EVERYTHING FROM
 "CAKE BOSS" {dang netflix.. torturing me with baked goodness}... speaking of which...

Someone bring me a lobster tail (or should I say a la Sfogliatella) and a cannoli! STAT!
(but not from Kneaders.. that stuff is NOT authentic/fresh pastry)

I really need to find an italian bakery here... very soon. 

With Reese {or was it Everett?} by my third trimester I wanted to eat everything in sight. But with this one I just cannot stand a lot of food. I think I eat one 'big' meal then I'm totally cool with just snacking. 


Reese has a name for our baby boy. She's telling everyone as well... even though I'm not sure Kurt is 100% on it.... Now we are just stuck on a middle name.. that is where the baby naming contest will come in.. hopefully. 

And I am 32 weeks.. I think...

And that's about it. 


If you feel it in your heart to send me some italian baked goods... y'know.... I mean... if you happen to be in the vicinity of one... and you happen to walk in... and get a lobster tail.... and send it to a very pregnant person.... I think I would love you forever... and maybe take your family pictures for free?.... babysit?......  clean your house?..... balance your checkbook??!!!.. .SEND YOUR KID TO COLLEGE???!!!!

 {ok so maybe I wouldn't go THAT far...} 
lobster tails and cannoli 

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Jessica said...

Alex, I have been experiencing the same exact thing. My doctor just said it was "normal" for pregnancies, but I decided to take some action anyways. I'm going to a physical therapist today and probably a chiropractor if that doesn't help quickly. I'm practically bed-ridden. Can't walk, stand up, roll over, put on jeans, etc, without pain. Very frustrating, and I know exactly what you're going through. Hoping the baby comes early!!