February 20, 2012

Snow Day

So we had a Weekend Winter Warning Weather Watch, Weather Warning Weekend Winter Watch, Watching Winter Weather Warning Weekend, WWWWW, {oh forget it} over the weekend. Since our winter has been so pitiful I guess they had to 'warn' us about 1-3 inches of snow {Last year I was shoveling two feet from our garage door with no warning... }. 

Needless to say, we were pretty excited. YAY FOR SNOW!!! We made BIG plans....

So today, after a little Cafe Rio {by the Sea-o, as my Dad would say}, we had our first official snow day of this winter season.

Warning: Be prepared for amazing Snowmen.


"Reese with hat"


"Daddy with a feather hat"

"Mommy with a beret {amongst other things}"

Thank you, Everett, for the additions of all the hats.

Just to give you a sense of "sizing"

Our Family. 

Reese determined to make the most of the snow.

After the destruction of our family by Bobo, encouraged by Daddy,  Reese was determined to rebuild. 

Amazing, I know.

Why don't you just relax a minute and take a breather. I know, especially those who aren't accustom to so much snow, this could be overwhelming. I mean, 5 snowmen?! Unheard of!

Kurt mentioned yesterday that March was going to be a snowy month.

Thanks for the 'warning', I'll keep it in mind...

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