March 12, 2012

Dear Smith's Marketplace,

I hardly ever complain to any company/business. If they get my food order wrong, I just usually deal with it. When they take forever to check out, I just take a deep breath and go with it. However, tonight was literally the last straw with these people, so I wrote a little letter. I guess the lesson here is never mess with a pregnant lady. I'll let you know what they write back.  The worst thing is, is I have no idea where else to get all my groceries.... 

(concerning the Lehi Smith's Marketplace)

I am very disappointed in the past several visits I have had at Smith's. I haven't made any formal comments or complaints due to the fact that I keep giving them the benefit of the doubt. But tonight (3/12/2012 ~9:20pm) pushed me to my limit. 

My first poor experience was over Christmas time, I had purchased a large amount of cranberry cans for a church party I was hosting. We didn't use any of them (they remained in the original smith bags the entire time), so I returned them. I had a total of 12 cranberry cans.. When I went to return them, the lady (older, short blonde hair, really BAD MOOD) was too busy being angry at something to bother to count how many she had actually returned. When I was at the counter with her, I noticed that she forgot to return one of the items (I checked my receipt, and watched her mis-count the cans). When I asked her to double check because I thought she missed one, she REFUSED, told me she got all of them, and went through with the transaction. So, you're welcome Smith's for giving you a free can of cranberry sauce.  I decided to not even bother to argue with her because she was acting so belligerent I knew I wouldn't get anywhere.  

Along with Christmas, I was getting quotes for some other items of food I was needing for my LARGE church party. I called Smith's deli to get a quote on Turkey Gravy, and the woman I spoke to said that her manager, who handles all those orders, was not in, and that I could leave a message. So I did, and the employee on the other end of the phone said that they would get back to me the next day with a quote/answer. Weeks passed and I didn't hear anything from them UNTIL the day of my church party, saying that my order was ready to pick up. UNBELIEVABLE! He left several annoyed messages saying that I needed to call him back and pick up/pay for my order. So I treated him the same way he treated me. I let him leave a message, and decided that he wasn't important enough to get back to in a timely manner. 

My other poor experience was when I was shopping with my toddlers. They weren't having a great day, and started to throw a tantrum. (NOT Smith's fault)... However, when things were getting loud with my four year old, I guess I attracted a crowd of laughing Smith's employees, while they quietly commented on my situation. It became really uneasy that I had an audience of employees (including, I assume a manager because he was wearing a tan shirt), so I just left all my merchandise there, (which was well over $100, and I wasn't done shopping), and left the store. (I ended up driving to Walmart) 
It was completely unprofessional and irritating for employees to be snickering at a pregnant woman with her disruptive 4 year old. I'm sorry for the inconvenience of my child's brief meltdown, next time I'll be sure to bring the popcorn. 

Then there was tonight. It was later, around 9:18p (time on my receipt), when I was ready to check out. The cashier was more than happy and friendly, and I was thinking I was going to make it out of Smith's drama-free. When right when I started unloading the IDIOTIC manager (or kid in charge) ..(guy, blonde hair, glasses?, bad skin) sent the bagger on break. The cashier pointed out that several customers were coming into her lane and that it was probably not the best that he sent the bagger to break. He was acting like a complete douche (for lack of a better word). Saying that he didn't have a choice, blah blah blah. I was listening and was completely annoyed at this man. He ended up just walking away and the cashier took control and got a friend to help her bag. I apologized out of sympathy for the cashier, and she was more than gracious and polite. She took control when her incompetent superior was lacking. On my receipt, it says that my cashier was Elizabeth. She was fantastic. 

Overall, I am so very disappointed in Smith's. It is so convenient for me, and the savings are great (especially on fuel). However, I am finding myself more and more reluctant to shop their due to these experiences. 

One more thing, 
Either get rid of, or clean those darn carts with the toddler cars attached. They are getting NASTY. 

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Anonymous said...

They have AWFUL produce too! When I lived in UT I went out of my way to Sunflower Market for produce and Walmart or Target for everything else!