September 15, 2012

Baby Devin... eats!

Well... sort of...  He tried his first bites of banana today and it was pretty darn cute. He's been grabbing at everybody's food for the past month so I decided we might as well get him started since he is so eager.

His pediatrician told me to not start him on banana because babies have natural "sweet-tooths (teeth?)" and to start him on veggies would be better. However, I did not have any veggies on hand, so TODAY was the exception. Next I will be off to Target to stock up (anybody have some coupons?). And no, I do not do the whole "make your own" baby food, Gerber has taken that crazy time consuming step for me.

ANYWAY, here he is.. in all his glory:

Reesie turn! 

Bobo turn! (and apparently we nudists)

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