December 15, 2012

Giddy'Up Cowgirl Reese! Happy Birthday!

Y'know me.. why have a lengthy, wordy post when there are PICTURES to see! 

Happy Birthday REESIE PIE! 
This year we celebrated down in California because we decided to spend Thanksgiving at  Grandpa and Grandma's. And guess what? This Thanksgiving was extra special because it was also Reese's 5th birthday! We decided to celebrate the day before and it was FUUUUN!

Reese picked the Cowboy and Indian theme. I thought it was pretty awesome. 
I am really sad that we didn't take a picture of Kurt's wooden horse he built for our lasso competition, or the horse shoe's Grandpa set up... 

Oh ! and a GIGANTIC thank you to my sissy Joce for making the awesome cow cake.. it was amazing!

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Missy said...

I wish I could have come! This turned out amazing!