May 25, 2013

Super 4th Spiderman!

This year we celebrated Everett's 4th birthday Superhero Style.
{his actual birthday is Tuesday, the 28th, but Saturdays are always so much more fun}

Here is the sign that I drew for his birthday. I am really stoked about it, I think it turned out cool.

I am really proud of my sign. Free hand baby!

Spiderman Happy Birthday

(Attempted) Avengers Everett

4 years old! 
Here is our closet full of our Superhero Identities!  

Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Spiderman, and Batman

Here the boys are emerging from the token superhero "secret changing place"



Next in our superhero prep was Tattoos. .. This is what happens when I leave Kurt in charge. 


Prepping to fight the bad guys with their Spidey String

Green Lantern and Batman

Double Chin Alliance

Shooting the bad guys

Go Supergirl! 

We got them! 

Yay Spiderman! 

Green Lantern was misbehaving. 

Yes, Supergirl can actually fly. 

"Quick! Superhero pose!"

Spiderman is checking you out. 
The cake. My cake supplies are all packed, had to settle for store-made. Kids are happy! 

Mildly describing the sound coming out of his mouth.

Superhero Training 

Spiderman practicing his skills

Watch Out! Here comes Spiderman!

Batman it practicing his Tai-Chi

This has been brought to you by Wonder Woman

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