Driving Miss Sassy

Reese is never dull for conversation. Here are our best quotes during our drive to and from Kindergarten:

Driving to school one morning we were blasting "Gone, Gone, Gone"
and, of course, we were ALL singing along {yes, myself included}
when Reese yells:

While fixing her hair,
"I AM...."

"Bri is the bestest friend forever."
"So, Bri is your BFF?"
"What's BFF?"
"Best Friends Forever."
"Yes, Bri is my ..."

Picked out her clothes for school. Pink shirt, pink pants, pink socks, and pink shoes.
"Mom, is this ok? Does it match?"
"Yes, it matches. But, it's all pink..."

"Everett, I've got a great idea. It's a competition........."

"Jesse asked me why we couldn't be friends, I told him I didn't know why."
"What? Why can't you be friends?"

"Both Bri and her friend have boyfriends. They liked them a lot. But guess what?!
You WONT believe it.. it's crazy.. It was the SAME boy....... "

"Reese!! Enough is enough!! Time to turn the SASS DOWN!"

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Jen R. said...

I absolutely love that you turned them into little prints. These are amazing. Clearly Reese is the funny cousin!