May 5, 2008


Sorry to disappoint all the disillusioned people that think our baby never cries, but here it is. Proof. In all fairness, it doesn't happen too often. It has taken me five months to capture this face. I still think she's so adorable! It must be so frustrating for Reese to see her mom and dad giggle at her grumpy faces. We just can't help it- they are so cute! 
As for an update, we are doing great! Kurt is managing at his new store, thankful for the change, and is loving it. He is so lucky to be working practically on the beach! As for Reese and I, we are always out and about- going on walks, the wild animal park, visiting friends and grammy's house (and pool!), and learning how to crawl! She is getting so close- we are excited! (I know, I know, famous last words....)
Anyway, to put your mind at ease, here's a picture of our little Reese just a few moments later-
back to her normal self.

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Jen R. said...

It was sweet of you to put jared's blog link. I didn't have it on mine for a long time, cause I was so embarrased by his dorkiness. WOW must die. By the way, it's mostly a joke (I THINK) I hope he doesn't continue blogging about his fictional WOW character. PS. I love sad faces...we laugh too