March 7, 2009

The Best Morning EVER!

To preface this wonderful morning: 
Our Sleeping Situation
Reese has slept in the bed with us since birth, she's just too cuddly! Plus, when Kurt is working a late shift, I can't bring myself to put Reese to bed in her own room, then go to bed by myself.. it gets too lonely. However, with all of us tossing and turning at night, one of us ends up with an elbow or a foot in our face. So, it was time to put the little wiggler in her own bed. Still lonely at night if Reese was in her own room, we moved her crib (now a day bed) next to our mattress so she still can get to us and see us if she wakes up. So now I'm not lonely, Kurt gets his bed back, and Reese gets a better night's sleep AND to add to the bonuses, she's completely weaned! HOORAY!! Pregnant and breastfeeding can get really uncomfortable! Husbands are so lucky... 

SOOO... now that's out of the way..

The BEST Way to Get Woken Up
I had the BEST morning ever! Ordinarily, to wake us up she likes to do her banshee cry and pats our faces until we give in to her 'bully-ness', but this morning she was a little more subdued- wonderful. She woke up early and decided to just crawl over quietly to our bed and cuddle me.  After cuddling my head for a little bit, she starts brushing my hair with her fingers, and after a little while of that- she starts kissing my head and babbling in a little quiet voice. IT WAS SO DARN CUTE I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!  Seriously, the best way I have ever been woken up. 

Needless to say, if I get woken up like that for the rest of my life, I would be the luckiest and happiest person alive. But, even if this is a once in a lifetime thing.. and from now on Reese continues her 'monkey' ritual of jumping on us to wake up and talking really loud, at least I had a break this once - and it was great - I will remember this forever! 

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Claudia said...

That is the sweetest thing! How special! :)