April 14, 2009


The first part of our easter was spent over with the Griffiths. Church was nice to see some people we havent seen in a while- and oh my! how their kids have grown! After church we had some brunch - egg souffle-always our favorite-and opened easter baskets.

daddy and reese admiring her toys...

daddy reaching in to play with reese's toys.. reese ready to eat!
Kurt then hid some eggs for Reese and her cousin Adelyn to find. Reese certainly knew what to do. She was waiting at the door with her empty basket ready to pick up the eggs!

reese picking up her eggs

When all eggs were picked up and both Reese and Adelyn were on the stairs admiring their treasure, Reese stole Adelyn's basket, ran to the wagon, put both baskets in, hopped in and pointed to her uncle Jared to pick up the handle and run! It was pretty darn funny. She was dissapointed when aunt Kari tried to "steal" her eggs and put Adelyn in the wagon with her. She's such a crack up.

admiring the baskets...

escaping with the loot!

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Claudia said...

So cute! And you got the perfect pictures! :)