June 17, 2012


Remember this card?
The FANTASTIC {and hard to find} candy for Kurt's Father's Day card was DISCOVERED at a great little place in Provo/Orem. It's called "Blickenstaff's" (click for webpage). It reminds me of an old-timey classic toy store with delicious treats everywhere! I absolutely LOVE it. They have all sorts of games, soda, toys, candy... I love just going in there and looking at everything. 

Everytime we go to The Riverwoods, I always make sure we stop in for a little treat. They used to have all these fantastic British and German candy, I'm not sure if it wasn't selling well (which is HUGELY unfortunate) or it's hard to ship in, but they didn't have so much this last time [enter sad face here].
**However, the website says that they have some "in-stock" I wonder what that means??? I WANT my AERO bar!!**
This is also the place where I first saw the "Plasma Car", and that's when I knew Everett would LOVE it, partly because he screamed when we told him we had to leave and that he had to LET GO!
Oh MAN, and they have STAR WARS stuff too... LOVE IT. 

Another one of my favorite things is to look at their vintage toys...  like this one:
cool, right?
 If you are ever in Orem, or at The Riverwoods {BTW, it's a really great place to take the kids} Be sure to stop by Blickenstaff's.. It will be totally worth it.  

I am currently trying to decide which card game to get. And then, if I become rich in the next little while, I will buy all their wooden Melissa & Doug play food. SO ADORABLE.

Until then, I will have to settle for some ABBA-ZABBA and a Strawberry Charleston Chew.


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Blickenstaff's said...

Absolutely amazing post! Thanks for the kind words about the store!! And as for the English chocolates.... don't worry! They're coming back. Our current vendor is a little difficult to work with and we've had some issues in the past where shipments have been stuck in customs for months! We will hopefully be getting them in sometime soon. As soon as we do, I will let you know and you can come get a FREE Aero bar. Sorry they were out of stock this past time!