June 17, 2012

Our Father's Day Celebration.

For Father's Day we celebrated by waking up, getting dressed, and going to church. Woo Hoo!!

As a BONUS, Reese sang to Daddy, Here's a "bootleg" video of it. (I'm not exactly sure if you are allowed to film? Not sure why, if you can't, I hope I don't get in trouble)

BTW, she is right in the center of the screen, folding her arms, next to the pulpit. And that is Everett whining in the background... grrrrrrrr

SOOOooo, THEN when we got home and had some great home-made BLT sandwiches, and "Father's Day Punch" (mainly consisting of a random concoction of frozen concentrated juice and diet 7-up). It was DE-LISH. 
Right before Lunch we presented Daddy with our Father's day card:
It reads: {Sugar Daddy}, {"You-Know"} we love you! You are not a {Zero}, you are a {Smarties}! You give us {Chuckles}! Even though you are a little {Chunky}, you are still mommy's {Big Hunk}! Sorry we {Razzles} you, it can make a {Rocky Road}. But, {Look!} you are in the {Big League Chews}s! We love you more than {PayDay}! (that was a little {twisted}, sorry.) Love your {3Musketeers} and Mama {Mounds}.

I'm grateful that Kurt got to spend at least half of his father day with us. Yes, he is at work, fathering his other children...

But anyway.. Here's my two favorite pictures of Kurt and our kids:

Reese and Everett
One of my most favorite things is seeing Kurt play with our babies. It's so incredibly fantastic, I can't even describe it.

Love you Kurty.

(I love you too, Daddy)

Oh and p.s. Reese had 'hilarious' comments the other day. Here's how our conversation went down:

"Reese, guess what? Sunday is Father's Day"

"What?! There are TWO FATHER'S DAYS?"

"Uhh.. Noooo, There's only one"

"But LAST time was Father's Day too...."

"No Dear,  that was supposed to be MOTHER's day"

"No! It was Father's Day"

"OK ok, well, I guess you would be a little confused. This one is the REAL one"

"OK, but next time I want to make you a heart for Mother's day!"

"That sounds good."

......Daddy's busted.

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