June 6, 2012

Everett's Birthday

banner i made for his bday! (forgot to take a picture of the real thing on our fence.. along with all the balloon birds... dang)
Since on this special weekend both Nana & Papa AND Grammies and Grampies were going to be here, and it was close to Everett's REAL birthday, I decided to throw a 'legit' birthday party. Instead of just doing our own little thing, which we did with Reese this year (she chose not to have a party... we aren't horrible parents....)

SOOOoo... this year I decided to go with an Angry Birds Theme. He loves to play this game (He often steals our iPods/iPad to play it until it runs out). I grabbed some inspiration from pinterest and went at it. I had a few ideas on what we should do, serve, play, and I'm glad we got to do most of them.  We had yummy carne asada burritos/tacos and some great punch!!!

I F YOU WANT TO PLAY ONLINE ON THE COMPUTER.. CLICK HERE ANGRY BIRDS I found this while I was searching for my in-laws to play it at home on their PCs.

Anyway, here are the pictures. (They are all way out of order, I have no idea why, and it's such a pain in the butt to re-arrange them now... so.. enjoy) We had a great time putting this on for Everett, and I hope all that came enjoyed it as well!
Not really bug juice.. but cucumber water... (for the green pigs), If i could remove the sharpie, it would have read, PIG JUICE
Yummy Punch. I'll most definitely save THIS recipe! BUT you do need a ladle, not a spigot! (My TIP: omit the water.. not needed with all the ice)

Angry Birds cake pops!

So stoked about his super-soaker... thanks auntie Kari!

always time for a pose. (Our Angry Bird's slingshot)

Helping Mama

"forget it!" NANA


Kurt's Action Shot... our LIFE SIZE ANGRY BIRDS GAME 

GRANDPA's Action Shot

Mr. Dan's Action Shot (Miss Megan's - Preschool Teacher- Husband)

Mama's getting ready to go!! Going for 3 starts!

Friends give it a try!

Orion Action Shot


Melon balls and blueberries (Red and Blue Birds)

Reese's Action Shot

Bobo protecting his sissy.. HOW SWEET

look at his arm around Reese... AWWWWwwww

They found the Golden EGGS!

Cracking the eggs to get the prize!

trying on his Iron Man mask!!!


Everett's Mini Birthday Cake.. it was sooooo hot the fondant kept melting AND someone hid my 'smoother"... grr

Go Bobo! He didn't want to use the slingshot... and since it was his birthday.. we allowed it... ;)

Everett uses his Jedi mind powers to levitate the ball over to the pigs

set up!

Angry Birds gotta stick together

"YESSSssss" victory dance/jump

uh oh.. bye bye balloons!!!

Papa not giving up the tire swing..... :)

Go BOBO!! Happy Birthday!

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Rebecca said...

Wow! That is so great! What a cute idea for a fun party.