June 6, 2012

Reese's Preschool Graduation! (Sorta)

First Day                                                                    Last Day

Since Reesie-Pie's birthday isn't until November, she has to wait another whole year before she can start Kindergarten. Sad face!

BUT... Reese's preschool had a little graduation celebration for all the little ones that had completed this year! Hooray!

They sang us songs, "Going on a bear hunt", and invited us to do a little dance with them as well, The Bean Bag song (?), and they received diplomas! It was so fantastic, Miss Megan had a slide show going with pictures from this year AND as an added bonus they each received a little yearbook!! PRICELESS! Here are the many many pictures from that ! Can't wait until next year! !

Receiving her diploma

oooOOooohh.. Jaxon..

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