March 10, 2008

Bon Appetit

Me and Boo love the Food Network. The other day we were playing together and the Food Network was on in the background. Reese was ignoring it as usual until Rachel Ray came on. She was completely enamored by her- laughing, smiling, talking- it was so funny! When commercial came she went back to giving mommy her attention- until Rachel came back on again. she loved it! Also, Reese loves to watch people chew, gross as it may be, she loves it when you chew with your mouth open and make a big deal about chewing. I'm thinking we've got a baby that loves food - we may have a chef in the making. Here is the proof:
- Smiles at Rachel Ray
- Likes watching Mommy cook in the kitchen
- Licks her lips when she smells food
- Giggles when she sees you chew your food
- Born on Thanksgiving!

oh. p.s.
mom you will like this-
giada's husband is a designer for anthropologie.


kari b. said...

ooooh thank you it made perfect sense. xoxo! i'll call kurt today.

Anonymous said...

It figures Giada and anthro have a connection...both are beauties.