April 20, 2008


What would the world be like if everyone looked inward and truly found how blessed they are? I mean my goodness- all I hear is someone complaining or someone making excuses for someone's complaining. WOW. I know ironically this is a complaint about people complaining.... but  ENOUGH! From young kids to early twenties to people in their fifties- I have something to say: " BE SATISFIED WITH THE LIFE YOU HAVE......IF LIFE HANDS YOU LEMONS MAKE LEMONADE... ALL THE BROODING AND SELF PITY IN THE WORLD WILL NOT CHANGE A THING... THE ONLY THING YOU CAN CHANGE IS YOURSELF.... as we learned in Primary today (no I didn't get kicked out of Relief Society. We teach the CTR 6 kiddies) just like we have control to put our hand where-ever we like.. we have the control to move our lips. Now granted the only people that are allowed to complain are babies. They have no idea really what's going on and their complaints are based on the simplest things anyway (I'm hungry, sleepy, and bored) that they are easily satisfied. As we should all be. Why waste your life complaining about what happened or what is going to happen...? When you die don't you want to look back at your life and be confident and satisfied that you lived a good life? Now- I don't mean selfishly do everything to satisfy yourself- then we would have a bunch of narcissistic psychopaths running around- and believe me there is enough of those- some might even be related! 
Do me a favor. I have been doing some good reading- so read this:
President Thomas S. Monson's An Attitude for Gratitude. It's great.

Kurt and I are grateful for the many examples, good and bad, that we have. To teach us and guide us in becoming better parents. And don't worry, we are both perfectly capable of making decisions on our own.... we are adults now. so take a deep breath and relax. don't make it worse for yourself. 

Accentuate the positive;
Eliminate the negative.
Latch on to the affirmative;
Don't mess with Mr. In-between.

(mom- i know you just started singing that song....... so did i)


kari b. said...
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Anonymous said...

It's a crazy mind control! I can't NOT sing!!