April 16, 2008


First off, Saturday was great! Kurt's best friend got married to a really wonderful girl. It was so great to see both of them happy and together.
It is truly an indescribable feeling seeing our friends marry in the temple and start their families. Recently, a man in our ward said in regards to all the babies that "Zion is growing", and for some reason it really made an impression on me. We are building Zion. We are contributing directly to the prosperity of the gospel. It's up to us to raise our children in the way Heavenly Father wants us. He is leaving the responsibility of Zion in our hands - the parents. I know that parents can only go so far- but its that lasting foundation that we learn in our childhood that will help guide us for the rest of our lives. Our good friend commented that he couldn't believe that God allowed him to responsible for another life. I can't believe it either. Even though my little one is close to only 5 months, I can't help but to think of the awesome responsibility I have; to raise her to love her Heavenly Father, respect others, and to stand up for what she believe in. I only hope that Kurt and I can be an example to her...and for us not to mess up too bad. ;)

D&C 93:40 But I have commanded you to bring up your children in light and truth.

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