May 23, 2008

Annie Hall

I am always trying to blog about something other than Reese and my favorite things. I am not by any means literate enough to express my feelings through writing. Throughout school, test scores, SAT, everything, reading was not my forte. Even though I managed to BS almost every single essay in my entire school career, and get "A's", I still don't think I am able to eloquently portray how I feel in writing. Like right now I'm sitting  here thinking if this makes any sense at all or if I'm starting to sound like a Woody Allen film.

Since getting married and having a baby I feel like I'm slowly losing my mind - not nut case- but I feel like I'm getting ditsier. Is that possible? I forget things constantly and I find myself losing my train of thought mid-sentence. Crazy, I know. Maybe it's the fact that I have thousands of things running through my mind at once and trying to process those thoughts, listen to the baby, and keep up with the conversation, leaves me short circuited. Then when it comes to blogging I hear the baby giggle, talk and cry, which totally distracts from my concentration or she has the loudest farts and burps that I've ever heard and leaves me astounded. Then when Kurt comes home, I hear the same things- crying for food, giggling at the baby, talking nonsense, then the farting and burping starts. I guess this is just the life of a new mother of two (and yes I did mean two).

Miraculously, I was able to clean the entire house earlier this week, and it feels great! I love the feel of a clean house, it definitely attributes to clearer thoughts and happier moods. Then to end a good week, it's raining. I LOVE THE RAIN. It is the single thing that can completely calm me. Just sitting here listening to the baby babble and the rain fall on our roof, puts me in the best mood and calms me to the core. Some people leave there blinds open when it's perfectly sunny outside, I open them when its raining. What a miracle. It's so beautiful, peaceful, and it makes the earth smell so good and fresh.

Oh, I watched Annie Hall, some good lines, but the usual pseudo intellectual, freudian humor of Woody Allen. A little too wordy for me, as usual. I can't handle people who try to sound more intelligent then they really are. Now, I understand that this is how he probably really talks, but when people write one way, and talk another, completely irks me. I do like how he is so quick-wordy- but quick. here's my favorite line:

Annie, there's a big lobster behind the refrigerator. I can't get it out. This thing's heavy. Maybe if I put a little dish of butter sauce here with a nutcracker, it will run out the other side.


Breanne said...

personally, I love hearing about Reese. The blog thing is perfect for people like myself who cannot see you guys all the time. So, blogging about you sweet baby girl's happennings is not boring, not even a little bit.
As far as the ditziness is concerned, I feel it too sister! I have a really hard time having a conversation with someone and not having my thoughts scattered all over the place (not to mention keeping an eye on my 1 yr old). So, I think it comes with the territory of being a new mommy. Maybe one day when we have a house full of kiddos we will be able to juggle everything and not sound so ditzy.

Claudia said...

There's nothing wrong with making the whole blog about Reese. :) It's fun to see her grow and how cute she is.

Oh, and I totally feel the same frustration you do with expressing feelings with words. :) I've never considered myself a good writer so I try to just say what I need to and add lots of pictures and videos. :) You do very well, though.