June 4, 2008

Fun Week!

  This past week has been pretty fun! The Wild Animal Park, playdates, Scripps Aquarium, Temple pictures, and Lenz family photo's, are just a few things the little one and I have been up to. It is quite exciting to be close to so many things! 

      And guess what? Someone's tooth is making it's first appearance! That's right! on the 28th I noticed a little something pokey in her mouth.. and sure enough, her first little tooth. She's been really fussy, chews on everything, and wants mama all the time! If she can ever sit still for long enough I'll try to take a picture of it. Along with her new tooth, she has developed a brand new smile (i guess to show it off??). I'm calling it Magnum. It's beautiful. here it is:

 And to top this week off, she started eating some baby carrots (mushed of course)! Her first real food! She's been eating rice cereal for a while and needless to say she did not like it.  But she loves her veggies! This week we introduced carrots and next week will be sweet potato! fun fun fun! Here she is after one of her 'feedings'

well that's all for now! 

p.s. ladies- lets get together soon! I think our babies really have fun...... ;)

i have no idea how carrot got on the back of her head....


Jen R. said...

ha ha ha I LOVE the smile! Sad she didn't like Rice cereal. Adelyn loves it. I have the kind with bananas and another with apples. I also have one of those chair things she was eating in, but I think her legs are almost too fat for it!

Anonymous said...

We can honestly say that Baby Reese is the most beautiful baby in the world.
Grammy and Uncle O

Claudia said...

Yeah, it was awesome to see and hear our baby's heartbeat. Just amazing. I'm glad I get to watch it again and again. :)

What cute pictures! Reese could not look cuter in her smile picture. That's adorable! You caught her at a perfect moment. Hope she is feeling well through the teething process. :)

Breanne said...

The pictures are so dang adorable! Does she make weird faces when you feed her peas or green beans? Blake always did and it would crack me up!