July 5, 2008

Gandalf made these...

Our Fourth of July was pretty fun. Reese and I visited Great Grammy's house for a little dinner and some beautiful flower-picture-taking.  After dinner we went over to grammy and grampy's house to light some our own fireworks..... it was fun.. and really noisy. Nothing dangerous of course, just little bottle rocket things. However we did decide, eventually, that it would be too noisy and dangerous to keep lighting our own so we went over to go over to the Griffiths' office and watch some fireworks with the Zeltners and the Georges. 

all of us on the rooftop

While watching the fireworks, someone was saying how amazing the fireworks were and wondering how they make them. I heard Kurt say, sarcastically, that it was "MAAAGIC"...  then I heard Paul (big paul as kurt would refer to him as) laugh, and reply that "yeah, Gandalf made these".. that just made me crack up- I'm such a dork! And the funny thing is, when he said that I immediately thought I needed to put that on my blog.. I'm so nuts..


Anyway, It turned out to be a really great firework show! The finale was amazing! Really, the best I've seen and Brengle. (I can never forget those fireworks in D.C.!!) It was a fun night.. Reese fell asleep, I got some great pictures, and Kurt wasn't working. 

Oh, duh.. we went to Disneyland for Kurt's In-N-Out party on the 30th.. It was a lot of fun too. We went on Casey Junior, Finding Nemo ( a little scary and really LOUD!!), and the Jungle Cruise. Oh, and Fantasmic is playing again- yipee! And to top it of we stayed at a really great hotel! It's been a fun month! 

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