September 2, 2008

Dear Mystery Caller,

   One of my major pet peeves has got to be the "mystery caller". You know these people, the ones who call all the time and DON'T LEAVE A MESSAGE! I understand that with the great invention of caller ID and cell phones, that have caller ID, all you need to do is call someone up and they know exactly that you called them. 
  But what about us? We don't have caller ID or a cell phone, so when you call our phone - WE DON'T KNOW IT'S YOU. Of course, we do have the wonderful marvel called an answering machine. This device is used to record the message you wanted to give us. But, due to numerous circumstances, we are unable to answer the phone. And Yes our answering machine is working wonderfully, the only glitch is if we are on the other line, it rings and rings and rings (I just found this out last night). 
 So if you need to get a hold of us and I assume you do since you're calling.... (and most likely waking the baby up) please have the decency to leave a message! We would really love to call you back and talk!!!
  This post is probably due to the fact that since I've been at home this evening the phone has been ringing off the hook - while trying to put a sleepy baby to rest! Plus, Reese loves to hide our phones so, it is going to take me a while to find them - it would be a good idea to leave a message. AND I turn the ringers off if she's sleeping - because nothing is better, or cuter, then a sleeping baby!  Another reason to leave a message! 
  Overall, "mystery caller" you drive me crazy. Please leave a message. You are calling for a reason. We have an answering machine. Use it - we bought it for you. We would love to call you back. 

really leave a message - don't lie and say you did, when you didn't. we don't erase our messages. Literally, we have 6 saved messages on the phone now - no joke. And I've called back everyone I needed to... Kurt lags a little bit.... but it's still worth to leave a message. Plus there's nothing better to have that little light blinking when you get home... (you know what I mean). 

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Paula said...

Do you know what's even more annoying? When they don't leave a message AND you DO have caller ID. Do you call 'em back? Do you google the number to see who it is? UGH! I feel your frustration!