September 20, 2008

Reese Update

So along with her four teeth coming in, dancing for all music, and walking around everywhere, Reese has began to hug -she crosses her arms and asks for a hug- then outstretches them to hug you, kiss- by putting her mouth on your cheek, wave hello and goodbye, clap, and carry around her new best friend.. winnie the pooh. She hugs it, kisses it, gives it her bottle, and carries it around. She's pretty darn cute and so smart! 

Speaking of smart.. she matched up a flash card of an elephant with a finger puppet of an elephant and handed them both to me. I was amazed - she's one smart cookie.

Yep- she's growing up so quickly! I can't believe she has such a personality already! She cracks us up all the time. What can I say? We love her!


Jen R. said...

That's so cute! I can't wait till our little one can walk.

Anonymous said...

Granny Pride!