October 10, 2008

Sarah " the killa from wazilla" Palin

I actually really like Sarah Palin. I'm completely not interested in the Presidential Debates- but I caught a glimpse of the VP debates and was actually quite intrigued. I think that Sarah Palin is truly an intelligent woman who knows how to handle things. 
  When Anderson Cooper (who is handsome) was asking the women on his coverage of the debate - they seemed so petty in their opinion about Sarah. Men give a straight forward answer and it seemed the women were just jealous and overly critic
  Did any one else catch her wink? I thought that was great. 
  I know I'm not going into detail about her actual tactics and policy- who wants to rehash that in a blog? not me. You can read the news and listen to CNN and MSNBC and all the other coverage stations to get the details. Which- crazy enough- I find myself watching late at night before I go to bed. 
  By the way, Nancy Grace is insane- even though I thoroughly agree on tough tactics.. give these people a break sometimes! Has anyone else heard about this Caylee case? It makes me sick to my stomach. Watch Nancy Grace tonight... if you can stomach her.. she's always talking about Caylee and Casey Anthony.
  Ugg. and don't even get me started on Prop 8. I was reading the pro and con arguments in the General Election handbook and I was completely disgusted for the "NO" side on prop 8. Selfish people. No, I am not at all a homophobe, bigot, or a 'hater', but for years now the Gay community has proclaimed that they are better than a marriage license- that it's only a piece of paper and they don't need that piece of paper to prove their love.  What little people know is that a partnership is recognized in California and that a partner- no matter what gender- has the same right as a married couple. So what they are really fighting for is that little piece of paper... why? 
  If Prop 8 passes, and this IS A FACT, the gay lifestyle will be taught in schools as acceptable- but I never remember learni
ng about how a straight marriage is acceptable- I don't remember marriage or lifestyles being an issue in school.. EVER. No one is saying that they can't have that lifestyle - but to you have to flaunt it? 
   What I don't understand is how we are called horrible names for supporting straight marriages and keeping that way- doesn't that make them heterophobes? Are we not allowed to stand up for what we believe in because we are not a special minority group? Personally , I think its disgusting and disturbing that a middle class Caucasian stay at home mom is not allowed to voice her opinion because we are the 'norm'. 
Well, news flash, the way things are going us middle class caucasian straight moms are going to become a minority special group. SO WATCH OUT because we're coming for you. 

here 's a funny political poster i found: 

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