October 31, 2009

Night Time Halloween!

halloween part deux...

After a quick walk around Jordan Landing, and collecting candy from the stores (and fighting way with SO MANY PEOPLE) we decided to leave and try out our neighborhood for trick-or-treating. W-O-W. It was just like the movies with all the kids in the streets running house to house. It totally reminded me of Hocus Pocus (still to this day one of my favorite halloween movies), ET and all of those trick-or-treating movies. So fabulous.
So...all four of us started out down the road , then soon after "Bo Bo" (everett) got grumpy, and daddy's arm was getting tired. Me and Reesey then decided to hit up the rest of the neighborhood on our own, while the boys headed home. What a trooper!!! She must have walked at least a half mile along side me ( I walked a little further with her in my arms). I think the excitement of getting candy at every door we went to was great motivation for her to walk around. However, she was very particular to what houses we would ring the doorbell on- if it was scary, she would say no, shake her hand, and then say "oooh scary". It was pretty cute, i'd have to admit. With the houses that she wanted to go to, she would squeal with delight, run up, and tried to reach their doorbell. After the candy, she thanked everyone and if they were really lucky she would play them her little Ariel necklace song and blow them a kiss. Adorable! She also tried saying trick or treat a few times, but it came out more like 'tih oh teet' - so pretty close!

She was upset when trick-or-treaters came by and we gave them candy.. she thought we were giving away her goodies! (and she was very tired)

running upstairs to check out her loot!

LOLLIPOPS!! (her sweet of choice)

our window at night!!

To conclude our evening we got together with a few of our neighbors next door (very convenient) for some home-made chili (YUM YUM YUM). It was so good, and so perfect after being in the cold and eating all those sweets! So far all of our ward members have been extremely nice and inviting. Our next door neighbor seems really with-it and is a 'get stuff done the right way' kinda woman- i like her. We really like everyone. This is looking really great for us. I'm so relieved.

Reese was sad to leave the group of 10+ kids all playing over at the house, but it was TIME FOR BED! (everett was of course being drooled over by everyone-he is such a flirt!) but it was bedtime for him too...

Now everyone is sound asleep cozy in their own beds!! (momentous occasion!)


I think this is going to be one of her favorite holidays...

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Anonymous said...

oh what a perfect 1st real halloween for Reesie-peach!!! I am imagining E.T. in your neighborhood dressed as a ghost...
Both babies look adorable and I miss them so much!