December 10, 2009

Pizza, Piñata, and Princesses

I'm not really in the mood to write every detail about Reese's party, so here are some picture highlights:


taste testing

admiring her gifts

everett doing his own thing.. and loving it

yes, she reads all her cards

party setup

a big THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes for Reesie Pie. She loved all her gifts, cards, and company! Thank You to everyone who came over !! It means a lot to Kurt and I.


kari b. said...

so cute wish i so wish i hadnt had to work!!

Missy said...

Looks like SO much fun!! She is so dang cute!

Claudia said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to cute little Reese! Well, big girl now I guess. :) She looks like she had fun!

I love the colors in your house! :)