February 27, 2010


Disney's "Give a Day. Get a Day."

Free ticket to disneyland for doing some service? OK!

I signed Kurt and I up to make some fleece blankets for the charity Circle of Love. They donate these blankets to school children in less-than-fortunate circumstances. This year they are donating to an Indian Reservation. Here's their website http://utahcircleoflove.com/

Anyway, It felt really good to do something for someone else for a change..(and a ticket to disney doesn't  hurt either!)

So here they are! our 'masterpieces'! AND I am SO proud to report that Kurt did all three of his blankets BY HIMSELF!!! I thought I would have to do all six.. but NOPE! He cut them and tied them!! awesome.


JennaK said...

That is neat, I'll have to check it out!

Jen R. said...

that is awesome! I thought for sure you would have to do all six. I know I would have to.