February 11, 2010

Launch of SHASH(BLOSSOM) my ETSY shop!!

Exciting news!

SO..everyone can "do" photography now, so I MUST move on to the next thing! (don't worry I still do photography, but I feel like I need to start something new.. before everyone else follows suit)

I have been working on some designs for headbands for the past month or so, ever since I needed a unique headband, and couldn't find one I liked.  SO I have decided to launch my own line of designer..and by designer, I mean designed by me.... HEADBANDS!

This is my 'winter' collection... so far..
the spring line will be coming shortly. (SO ZOOLANDER..)

So here it is! my ETSY (online shop for homemade goods)!
  and yes.. i have been keeping busy, T-shirt design contest, fan page of my photography on Facebook, and now my ETSY shop online!!! yay!!

You can also keep up to date with my Etsy column on the side of this blog -------------------------->


Jen R. said...

I LOVE them. But they're too expensive for my ghetto life. Family discount? :)

Alex Griffiths said...

you can get a kid one.. only $5.... you and adelyn can match?