February 24, 2010


It's been a while since I have done a family update, so here is what we have been up to:

KURT: After only a few months at the new American Fork INNOUT, he has now been transferred to the West Jordan INNOUT. He is excited that his hard work will pay off, but not too excited about having to wake up an extra half an hour earlier. Especially when his last store was, at most, five minutes away. His babies LOVE him, every time they hear the garage door open they both get really excited that daddy is home. I LOVE IT!

REESE: She is talking up a storm!! she understands most everything we say, answers back in a language we now can understand, and is fine-toning her GREAT sense of humor (it is amazing how a two year old can have such amazing comedic timing! i wonder where she gets that from..?). She LOVES her brother to pieces, kissing, following, hugging, smothering, it's amazing. The other day when it was just Reese and I out and about she told me she wanted to go home because she missed her BOBO. I LOVE IT. She also says her "PEASE" and "DANK OUU" with out having to be asked. My new favorite thing she does is yell at Everett to get his attention and then tells him she loves him -" BOPES!!!*" "I LOOOOVE YYOUU!" We are in the midst of potty training her and things seem to be going pretty good if we leave the diaper off.... but we'll see :) and YES she still dances to OM SHANTI OM.

*Brother = bro bro = bobo = (now) BOPES

EVERETT: well, the big boy is standing all by himself (for a few seconds)! he LOVES to pull himself up and scoot around the room. He is a SUPER fast crawler too. His favorite thing to chase is the vacuum cleaner and Reese. He's eating some big boy food now, and his preference is STRING CHEESE! His babbles are SOO cute.. he is SO baby! he says "GAA GAA GOO GOO", literally. He still has his super sweet disposition and is honestly the easiest baby EVER. We are seriously SO blessed to have his calming presence in our home.. unless he sees daddy then he wants to yell and wrestle. He has two teeth, with two coming in.... yay for me!

ALEX: I'm trying to start up my photo/announcement biz, and its a slow but steady race. I am really excited to be doing something that I enjoy, and have it be successful. My ETSY shop is my little hobby shop, selling the headbands is giving me an opportunity to do some hands-on creativity off the computer. I enjoy nothing more than to hang out with my babies all comfy and cuddly with our pj's on. Except if the kitchen or our little loft is dirty, then i HAVE to clean it.. Everett has brought out my cleaning urge! When Kurt is home, I love to go out as a family especially to the Aquatic Center in Lehi! Kurt and I are looking forward to summer so we can go camping. We just found out that Jackson Hole WY is only five hours away.. SO.. i think thats where we'll spend most of our summer. I CAN'T WAIT!


Anonymous said...

Your headbands are SO cute!

Jen R. said...

I love the video of reese putting her babies to bed. Maybe we can meet you in Wyoming for camping! Yellowstone!

Anonymous said...

Reese will be a very clean mommy,
swaddling her babies in wipies!
Maybe Everett thinks the vacuum is the family pet.