April 23, 2010

my train of thought...

i think i may be going crazy........ here are some of my thoughts i have had today... prepare yourself...

{first thought}
- my not wanting to load up the car and drive to the dump -

i hate this garbage!!!! when is kurt going to take this stuff to the dump! man, we need to get a dumpster. i can't believe that it costs like $400. maybe a couple of neighbors would like to get in on the whole sharing a dumpster- we can do like $100 each. where would we put it.. but if we do then people who didn't pay for it would use it. DANG PEOPLE.. moochers. geez. why isn't there a central location for everyone to just bring their trash so we don't have to pay for a stupid dumpster............................wait.. dang it. we have to go to the dump. 

genius i know.. but wait..

there's another one

{second 'train wreck'}
- trying to find something for bobo to eat that won't make too much of a mess -

string cheese is awesome. bobo can just hold it and eat it.. no mess!! those people are awesome. no.. no sliced turkey way to messy.. and he always misses his mouth. Why won't someone invent some kind of meat that you can hold like a string cheese??!! geez, do i have to invent everything? hmm... what could i do... how would that work???....{looking around in the fridge.. then i stop abruptly} ............................ oh .. a hot dog. geez i am on a roll today.

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Anonymous said...

you are not allowed to be crazy..